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Advetures to Russian Karelia

In the old days, before the Soviet Union time, Karelia was one cultural area that covered habitation on both sides of the current border of Finland and Russia. The poems of the Finnish national epic Kalevala were collected from the remote villages of the area. Nowadays people there are still living their life in an outdated way by keeping up that old culture. GoVuokatti has 20 years of experience of Karelia’s tours. Good network of co-operators makes sure safe and comfortable experience of this unique area. All this and a high quality ride in the real wilderness provide unforgettable experience for adventurers.

Snowmobile Safari to Russian Karelia 5 days

Snowmobile is perfect way to travel in this area during winter time. You are able to drive trough wilderness and icy lakes in the most comfortable way. This tour combines the thrill of snowmobile driving, exotic of the east and old culture of Karelia in to one package.

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